Week 7 Pickups: To Lead Or Not To Lead

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For the first time this year, I was sweating out a Monday night game, trying to eke out 12 points from the Tennessee defense. I could see the writing on the wall as the Jaguars drove down the field in a meaningless 30-point game, desperately trying to put a garbage-time touchdown on the board and break my fantasy spirits.

Fortunately, a goal-line interception saved the day and I squeezed out a two-point win in a game literally nobody else in the world cared about. Ahhh, gotta love the fantasy football world.

We've all been there before, watching a boring Monday night game and rooting for meaningless plays to save our week. My question to you: Would you rather be the one trailing and rooting for your guys to score points, or would you rather be ahead, playing the role of hater against your fantasy opponent?

Personally, I'd rather be down, rooting my team on to score. I feel like it gives me some control over my team, even though we all know we have none, no matter the situation.

While you ponder the fantasy debate of the day, check out this week's top pickups:

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills
Yeah, Buffalo sucks. And yes, they're playing Baltimore this week. But if you're looking for a QB this late in the game, you're probably desperate, and you could do a lot worse. He has at least two touchdowns in each of the three games he's started.

Matt Cassel, Chiefs
His scoring line in the last three games: 29, 8, 28. You feelin' lucky? Well, Jacksonville did give up 30 to an average Titans defense playing without their starting QB, for what it's worth.

Chris Ivory, Saints
New Orleans doesn't seem to be in any rush to get Pierre Thomas back on the field. And if you can pick up a guy who runs for 150 yards at this point in the season, by god, you do it.

Earnest Graham, Buccaneers
Assuming his hamstring injury is just "mild," as coach Raheem Morris called it, Graham should be a big part of the offense now that Kareem Huggins is out for the year.

Danny Woodhead, Patriots
I still don't know how a Division II guy who never got drafted gets the most carries for a 4-1 team. But I don't have to know. I just have to enjoy 110 total yards and close to 20 touches from a guy who is RB and WR eligible and stop questioning it.

Deion Branch, Patriots
It's OK, you don't have to admit your man-crush on Tom Brady. But he'll readily admit his infatuation with Branch, who quickly scored a TD in his first game back with New England.

Jabar Gaffney, Broncos
It seems there's a new Denver receiver who breaks out every week. Gaffney's got two straight 80-yard games, so we'll roll with him again. On a side note, if you want to get a Bears fan riled up, start a debate about who the better quarterback is between Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton.

Steve Johnson, Bills
Forgive me for suggesting both a QB and WR from the Bills - especially when they're playing Baltimore this week - but one would be foolish to overlook Johnson's four touchdowns in the past three games.

Heath Miller, Steelers
Is there anyone happier to see Big Ben back on the field? Heath Bar got his first score of the year in his QB's first game back from suspension, and can most definitely expect more red zone looks coming his way.

Todd Heap, Ravens
He took Brandon Merriwether's best hit (which cost Merriwether 50 grand) and kept on ticking. Now he gets the Bills, who don't actually cover tight ends.

They manhandled the Bears offensive line, and now get to feast on Arizona this week.

Not a very sexy D, but they've posted double-digit points two of the past three weeks and get the lowly Carolina Housecats this week.

Speaking of manhandling the Bears offensive line ...

Josh Scobee, Jaguars
Assuming Jacksonville doesn't lay another egg like it did on Monday, Scobee should be a good play. Did you know he scored 22 points against the Bills two weeks ago? Daaaaamn!

Dan Carpenter, Dolphins
Anyone who kicks a game-winning field goal against the Packers is A-OK around these parts.

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