Week 6 Pickups: At Least You're Not A Chargers Fan

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I'm in San Diego for the week, soaking in the sun, planning a wedding and thoroughly enjoying not being a Chargers fan. They blew another one this past weekend, against the Raiders, no less. Watching Norv Turner coach is like watching your fantasy opponent run up a huge score: You see it happening right before you, but there's nothing you can do about it.

Those who care about football hate this guy out here. Of course, 90 percent of the people are at the beach and haven't even heard of Norv Turner, so good for them.

The thin pool of running back relief gets even thinner this week, so hopefully you're not in dire need of a bye week replacement. On the plus side, there are receivers galore, but who knows which will pan out. That's why I'm here.

Sam Bradford, Rams
Last week I told you to pick up Lions backup-turned-starter Shaun Hill, who was playing against the Rams. Then I went against my own advice and picked up Bradford. Advantage: Hill. Fantasy loser: Wood. This week, Bradford plays - you guessed it - the Chargers. I'm still taking him long-term, especially since it looks like Matthew Stafford will be back soon for the Lions.

Kevin Kolb, Eagles
For some reason, Michael Vick is still the starter if he can go, but I wouldn't bet on it this week. Kolb gets the Falcons, who are terrible against the pass. As long as Vick doesn't make a miracle recovery, I think Kolb gets some solid numbers ... for at least one week.

Ben Roethlisburger, Steelers
He's back from suspension. Maybe someone dropped him?

Colt McCoy, Browns
Sounds like the rookie will start this week. Want a deep, deep keeper option? Yeah, me neither.

Donald Brown, Colts
He's been sidelined with a hammy the past two weeks. Now he's practicing, and Joseph Addai may be out this week. If he plays and Addai doesn't, it's a no-brainer. If both are out, take a look at Mike Hart.

Michael Bush, Raiders
I was huge on this guy at the start of the year, but had to drop him because of a roster crunch. Now I'm kicking myself, because he'll put up some numbers at some point this year. Looks like it will be sooner rather than later. If he's still around, grab him.

Derrick Ward, Texans
He had one carry for one yard and one touchdown on Sunday. Now that's what I call efficiency! Well, he did have 80 yards and a score the week before, and Arian Foster is banged up. You could do worse.

Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks
Could be a favorable workload split with Justin Forsett coming off the bye.

Ladell Betts, Saints
The Saints are a mess. Pierre Thomas has been out the past two weeks. Betts has also been terrible, but at least he's better than Chris Ivory.

Deion Branch, Patriots
You don't trade for a guy and then not throw to him, right? Well, with the Patriots, who knows? I'll take my chances.

Danny Amendola, Rams
Mark Clayton is out for the year. Name another Rams receiver. Exactly.

Davone Bess, Dolphins
He's a favorite target of Chad Henne, which makes him a PPR machine.

Dexter McCluster, Chiefs
Dwayne Bowe? More like Dwayne Blowes. Yeah, I said it.

Nate Burleson, Lions
Megatron is banged up. Burleson is coming around. He'll get some looks.

Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars
He has three scores in his last two games. He's still about 30 percent unowned. If he's available and you haven't picked him up yet, what's wrong with you?

Brandon Pettigrew, Lions
Tony Scheffler's nursing a concussion, and I expect BP to pick up the slack. Hill seems to look for him in the red zone. Just what we like to see.

Can you find another team that has two picks and a fumble recovery in each of its last four games? You can now.

They got six picks the last two weeks, and it's not like Joe Flacco (this week's opponent) is tearing up the joint.

They play the Saints this week. We've established the Saints are a mess. Good times.

Nick Folk, Jets
Mark Sanchez is really great at getting the offense to the 15-yard-line or so. This is a good thing if you're a kicker. And it's not like the Broncos D is stout or anything.

Sebastian Janikowski, Raiders
As long as you're not worried about the swirling winds in San Fran, Seabass is a great option.

Ryan Succop, Chiefs -
All they do is kick field goals.

Garrett Hartley, Saints
After John Carney blew his chance, it looks like Hartley's the starter again, which may or may not be worth something ...

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I just picked up Derrick Ward in a league that I had some roster flexibility in. I got an email 8 minutes later from a league-mate who has Arian Nation on his squad berating for the pickup. I guess he read the factor as well, but as my grandpa always told me, the early bird gets the worm. Now I just need to wait for Arian's knee to go out. Thanks Fantasy Factor.

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