NFL Week 3 Fantasy Sanctions

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We've got two weeks of the NFL season under our collective belts, and we're finally learning a little more about who is going to have a solid year and who is worth dumping. For example, my great sleeper picks of Justin Forsett and Bernard Berrian - not so good. So let's see if we can't make some additions to bolster our squads. These aren't top dogs, but they should still be available in many leagues.

I hereby sanction these pickups for Week 3 - and beyond.

Michael Vick, Eagles
If he's still on your league's waiver wire, run - don't walk - to pick him up. He's the starter in Philly for Week 3 and, presumably, beyond. And he's a big ball of fantasy juciness (is that a word?). He's got Jacksonville this week, and I would think long and hard about starting anyone else but the most elite of QBs if you own Vick.

Kyle Orton, Broncos
He threw for 300 yards and a pair of scores on Sunday, and seems to be quite comfortable with his Denver receivers. It should be a shootout with Indy this week, and the Colts secondary is banged up.

Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks
His four interceptions might scare some away, but he will put up yards and a few scores against the Chargers. And yes, he'll force a few passes and probably get picked at least once. But if you're still in need of a QB, you could do worse.

Other sanctioned QB options: Mark Sanchez, Jets; Shaun Hill, Lions

Running Back
Jason Snelling, Falcons
I don't care if Michael Turner is back from a groin injury. This guy had value last year as a backup and he'll have value this year. Maybe not this week against the Saints, but in the near future. Mark it, dude.

Mike Tolbert, Chargers
He's apparently the man in goal-line situations, which will be plentiful for the San Diego offense. It's telling that Norv Turner leaned on Tolbert, and not Darren Sproles, when Ryan Mathews went down last week.

Peyton Hillis, Browns
He's more efficient and more productive than Jerome Harrison, or pretty much any other Browns RB. He's got TDs in the first two games, and should get some more carries going forward.

Willis McGahee, Ravens
Another goal-line vulture who should have plenty of chances with the Browns on the slate this week. Ray Rice fans everywhere just cringed.

Marshawn Lynch, Bills
He took most of the carries last week, and trade rumors mean he could find himself in a better offense soon. Yes, Buffalo sucks, but someone's gotta get some points on that team ... right?

Other sanctioned RB options: Donald Brown, Colts; Fred Taylor, Patriots

Wide Receivers
Santana Moss, Redskins
No, he hasn't found the end zone yet this year. But he's averaging eight catches a game and Donovan McNabb has found a connection with him. Expect bigger and better things going forward, and grab him now if you still can.

Demariyus Thomas, Broncos
How's that for a debut! No, he's probably not going to get 97 and a score every week, but the rookie definitely showed some talent. I'd roll the dice on something close to that this week against Indy.

Michael Crabtree, 49ers
He has not produced near what everyone expected in his second year. And he doesn't seem to be on the same page with QB Alex Smith. I'm still on his bandwagon, though, and I think he'll work his way into the offense. He was hurt all offseason, so give him a chance to get back in the swing of the offense.

Other sanctioned WR options: Louis Murphy, Raiders; Devin Hester, Bears

Tight Ends
Dustin Keller, Jets
He went for 115 and a TD last week, and with the Braylon Edwards DUI mess meaning a thin receiving corps, Keller should be a big target for MarK Sanchez this week.

Owen Daniels, Texans
It seems everyone's getting into the fantasy act in Houston. Daniels was having a great year before getting hurt midway through last season.

Other sanctioned TE options: Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars; Heath Miller, Steelers

They had a great opener, holding Dallas to a lone touchdown, before getting railroaded by the Texans last week. Look for the 'Skins to bounce back against the sorry Rams.

Other sanctioned D options: Patriots, Cardinals, Titans

Jay Feely, Cardinals
Arizona's got to figure out this scoring thing at some point, right? Look for them to get right - and give Feely some chances - against Oakland this week.

Other sanctioned K options: Jon Kasay, Panthers; Jeff Reed, Steelers

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