Fantasy Pickups Week 4 - Bye Week Beware

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Welcome to the first bye week of the NFL, just another pothole in the bumpy road to fantasy glory.

For your records, here are the Week 4 byes: Dallas, Kansas City, Minnesota, Tampa Bay. Please do me a favor and don't be the guy who starts three players on a bye this week.

You need bye week help? Wood feels your pain, and is here to help.

Mark Sanchez, Jets
Three TDs the past two weeks for the Sanchize. And he gets the Bills this week. Like taking candy from a baby ...

Kyle Orton, Broncos
The Broncos couldn't seem to get out of their own way against Indy on Sunday, but that shouldn't stop ol' Neckbeard from putting up his points. He's gone for 295 or more yards every week, topped out with 476 last week. It's a tough matchup with the Titans this week, but I would still expect Orton to get his. He's been clicking with every one of his WRs, which is a good sign going forward.

Other acceptable options:
Michael Vick, Eagles - If he's still there, you need a better league
Chad Henne, Dolphins - Coming off a 360-yard passing game, and the Pats D has been atrocious
Josh Freeman, Bucs - On a bye this week, but quietly putting together a pretty solid year

BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Patriots
Listen, I'm sorry I keep recommending New England RBs. I'm not happy about it either. But there's fantasy value to be had, and somebody's gotta get it. Right? Right? BJGE looked pretty good after Fred Taylor hurt his toe. I'd like to confidently say he's the man in Beantown, but honestly, I just don't know. Still, there are probably not a whole lot of better RB options on your waiver wire right now.

Correll Buckhalter, Broncos
Here's another ugly time-share that is tough to predict, but could yield significant points. Denver brought in Laurence Maroney last week, and he looked ineffective at best. So there's still room to move. The key here is Knowshon Moreno's hamstring injury. If he's back, avoid everyone else (and probably avoid him, too). But if he's out, I think they'll give Buckhalter a shot. I mean, who else can they try?

John Kuhn, Packers
Not that a fullback is ever a good choice in fantasy. The Big Cheese could be an exception to the rule, though. He went for 51 total yards against the Bears, and the Lions are coming up. One thing we do know: Brandon Jackson is not the answer.

Other acceptable options:
Peyton Hillis, Browns - Man, I told you three weeks ago to pick this guy up, but did you listen? If he's still available, go get him right now!
Rashad Jennings, Jaguars - This is more for the future, but he could get some time against the Colts this week. Everybody runs on Indy.

Louis Murphy, Raiders
He's getting 80 yards a game, which should only improve with Bruce Gradkowski under center. On a side note, does it seem like the Raiders start with a different QB every year, only to give up and go back to Gradkowski by the middle of the season? Just an observation ...

Mario Manningham, Giants
All this guy does is go up and gets balls! Wait, that didn't sound right. Anyway, you know what I mean. Eli Manning seems to have confidence in him. Maybe it's because their names are eerily similar. Then again, maybe not.

Brandon Lloyd, Broncos
This guy is second in the league in receiving yards. Who knew? The problem is his numbers have gone: 117, 53, 169. Not exactly the most consistent guy. And only one touchdown. But still, Orton seems to like him, and Denver's gonna throw. A lot. If Eddie Royal or Demariyus Thomas is available and you want to go that route, I got no beef.

Other acceptable options:
Roscoe Parrish, Bills - Somebody's gotta get some yards for Buffalo ... I think
Deion Branch, Seahawks - He had 60 yards, but woulda had a better day if he didn't fumble on the goal line; a trip to St. Louis cures all ills

Aaron Hernandez, Patriots
He's like that little fish that swims behind sharks and picks off all the little bits of food the shark (in this case Randy Moss and Wes Welker) doesn't eat. Anyone else hungry right now?

Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars
After a great first two weeks, the luxury car of tight ends came back down to earth. Expect him to pick it back up this week.

Other acceptable options:
Tony Scheffler, Lions - He's like the white Brandon Pettigrew!
Brandon Pettigrew, Lions - He's like the black Tony Scheffler!
Tony Moeaki, Chiefs - On a bye week; keep an eye out, as Matt Cassel likes him

San Diego
This was a highly ranked D to start the season which has yet to produce a whole lot. Enter the hapless Cardinals, who should provide plenty of sack/fumble fodder this week

Other acceptable options:
Atlanta - Hopefully the Niners don't wake up for another week; either way, this is a solid D
Cincinnati - Man, I wish my co-ed flag football team could play the Browns this week ...

Matt Bryant, Falcons
Garrett Hartley, eat your heart out. This is the guy who made his overtime field goal to win the game on Sunday. I like him this week (against SF) and going forward as well, especially home in the dome.

Other acceptable options:
Mike Nugent, Bengals - Again, playing the Browns is a good thing
Matt Prater, Broncos - Denver's gonna score; we don't know much more than that, but we know they're gonna score

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