The Rumor Mill: McNabb, MJD, Mendenhall, Leinart

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We're less than two weeks away from the season opener, and the preseason rumors are really starting to fly. With most drafts going on this week or weekend, it's imperative to have the latest info to pick the best possible team. Here are some rumors, how much truth there is to them and what you should take from them.

Donovan McNabb will miss the season opener
Rumor: The big buzz around the league over the weekend was that the new Redskinds QB's sprained ankle was bad enough that he might miss the team's first game against Dallas, but I don't buy that for a second. Barring further injury, there's no way he won't be out there on Sept. 12. McNabb is a gamer, and he hasn't missed an opener since his rookie season.

Maurice Jones-Drew had arthroscopic surgery on his knee
Rumor: Reports from the National Football Post blog were picked up all around last week (including by me) that he had surgery and would be out for at least the rest of the preseason. That's only half true: MJD won't play in the Jags' final exhibition, but coach Jack Del Rio insists he hasn't had surgery and will be good to go for the opener, as well as a top 3 spot in your draft.

Rashard Mendenhall has a broken arm
Rumor: That was the other big weekend rumor, but appears to be completely false. He played Sunday night against the Broncos and ran five times for 28 yards. Feel free to draft him in the late first/early second round with confidence.

Seahawks OT Russell Okung is out for Week 1 (and maybe more)
Truth: Justin Forsett owners, beware. Looks like the big man up front could be out for a while with an ankle injury. Forsett is a big sleeper at running back, and he probably doesn't lose a whole lot of value, but it sure doesn't help. It definitely hurts Seattle's passing game, although Matt Hasselbeck isn't a viable option - at least as a starter. WRs T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Deion Branch and TE John Carlson are the only ones you would want from that receiving crew (sorry Golden Domers, Golden Tate's gonna have to prove something before he gets on my team) and none are great starting options either, so maybe it's just best to avoid the Seahawks altogether on draft day.

Derek Anderson is the Cardinals' starting QB
Truth: How bad is Matt Leinart? Apparently he's so bad, he can't even beat out this journeyman for the starter's job in Arizona. Anderson is now atop the depth chart, at least for now. This actually might be better news for WR Larry Fitzgerald, as Anderson has a bit stronger arm. And RB Beanie Wells will certainly get his workload, seeing as how there just isn't a very good option to throw the ball. I expect Lienart to get a shot at the job at some point, probably sooner rather than later, but he'll have to wait presumably until at least after the season opener.

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