Breaking News: Vikings Receivers Suck

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You think QB Brett Favre is rethinking that decision to come back to Minnesota for one more year? With news that star WR Sidney Rice is out at least half the season with a hip injury, and other WR Percy Harvin suffering from continual migraines, Favre's options just got a whole lot more limited. How limited?

The Vikings actually went out and signed Javon Walker. Hey, the guy had 1,000 receiving yards ... in 2006. Since then, he has amassed 408 yards in three years, including 0 yards in three games for the Raiders last year. So, uh, good luck with that.

What does this mean for fantasy purposes?

Well, Favre should be OK, although I'm still not condoning him as a starting QB. Not that he needs it, but you'd think Adrian Peterson gets a little bump. This is going to be a run-first offense, no doubt. Bernard Berrian (55 catches last year) also should benefit, although he's the de-facto No. 1 guy and defenses will be keying on him even more.

The real winner here is Visanthe Shiancoe, the well-endowed (sorry, couldn't resist) TE who surprised the fantasy world with 11 TDs and the sixth-most points among tight ends last year. I've heard a lot of people down on him this year, the big knock being he doesn't produce the yards to go along with his TDs. Well, he caught 11 of 15 targets in the Red Zone, and he's bound to get more, now that there are scant other options.

I'd take him in the 10th round and count on at least as many TDs with an uptick in yards. That's top-tier TE value without spending a high pick. Sold!

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try talking about your own crappy team.

wow, i guess with the white sox behind the twins, you have to knock on the vikings. well even with these injuries they are still better than the ebars. haha

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