Welcome To The Playoffs: Sleepers to Watch in Week 14

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During baseball season, I always try to convince people that all a fan can reasonably hope for is a division title. If you cheer for the Cubs, White Sox, Yankees, whoever, and you go into every season with a "World Series-or-bust" mentality, then you'll never - or, very rarely - be happy.

The fact of the matter is that baseball is an extremely random sport. You build baseball teams to excel over the course of a 162-game season, not over the course of a best-of-seven playoff series. To win in the playoffs, you need skill, but you also need a ton of luck. As a fan, a division title is all you can realistically expect.

Fantasy football is similar. If you made the playoffs, awesome. You did your job. Now that we're here, it's pretty much just a coin flip.

That doesn't mean I haven't been scouring the Web looking for the best sit-and-start advice. Let's get to it, after the jump...

Over at Midwest Sports Fan, Jerod is really liking Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles this week.

Not only has (Charles) scored a TD in four straight weeks and become an absolute godsend for many fantasy owners (like me!), but he has a terrific matchup this weekend against a Buffalo Bills' defense that would probably give up 100 yards rushing to me.

Buffalo is dead last in the NFL, giving up 172.1 yards rushing per game. They have also surrendered 16 rushing touchdowns.

Start Charles and enjoy his awesome Week 14 production.

Jerod predicts 115 yards and a touchdown. While I never advise going with skills players from teams as woeful as Kansas City, Charles could be an exception. He's been tearing it up since Larry Johnson left town, and don't discount the motivational factor of a former-backup fighting for a starting job in 2010.

Over at RotoArcade, Brad Evans is touting Redskins running back Quinton Ganther, who will get his first start of the year on Sunday.

In limited doses, the fourth-year rusher has shown the explosiveness Washington has lacked at running back for much of the season. Over the past two weeks, the former Tennessee bench warmer has averaged an impressive 6.0 yards per carry. This week against the suddenly not-so-rancid Raiders, he should be considered a strong deep-league flex play. Over the past five weeks Oakland has ceded 5.3 yards per carry, 172.3 total yards per game and three scores to rushers, equal to the ninth-most fantasy points allowed. Sherm Lewis appears committed to a balanced approach, but this week, the ground game could be the headline act.

The Redskins have quietly turned around their season after an awful start. A few more wins and Jim Zorn might even keep his job!

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