Sunday Stars -- Week 7

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1) RB Chris Johnson -- Titans
Vs. Jags

Vince Young will probably grab the headlines in Nashville, but he maybe had 1 percent as much to do with the Titans' first victory of the season as his running back did. We throw around the "he's like a video game player!" tag too much these days, but really, Chris Johnson is awesome. Dude may be the fastest running back I've ever seen.

Did you see his highlights from Sunday? If not, check them out after the jump. The clips are even more impressive than the numbers, and the numbers (228 yards rushing, two touchdowns) were about as good as anything we've seen this year.

Johnson is as much a joy to watch right now as any player in the league.

2) Maurice Jones-Drew

Vs. Titans

Yes, the run defenses in this game were awful. That doesn't make it less aesthetically pleasing, though.

Also worth watching: Jones-Drew now leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns with 10, one more than Adrian Peterson. Good to see two consensus top five picks performing like we expected.

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