Sunday Stars -- Week 12

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1) Brett Favre - Vikings
Vs. Bears

Ugh. I'd add more, but I think I pretty much covered everything at the Full Court Press blog. Go over there and check it out. You know, I really love these Vikings.

2) Justin Forsett - Seahawks
@ Rams

I could give this spot to the Titans' eternally awesome Chris Johnson - he and Forsett both scored 25 points in my league - but we talk about Johnson all the time so let's give it up for Forsett.

Forsett is turning into one of the best stories of the season. A seventh round pick in 2008 who didn't see the field at all as a rookie, Forsett now has four touchdowns in his last three games. He's been a threat in the receiving game too, racking up eight catches and 80 yards through the air a week ago against the Vikings.

Right now, he's a strong start every week.

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