Sunday Stars -- Week 10

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1) Brett Favre - Vikings
Vs. Seahawks

Favre only played three quarters on Sunday, but no matter: he didn't need the fourth quarter to score more points than anyone else on Sunday. Favre finished with 213 yards and four touchdowns. He hasn't thrown an interception since Week 7.

Love him or hate him (and, yes, I hate him), Favre is really have a phenomenal season. He's leading the league in QB Rating, he's second in touchdown passes, he's 11th in yards. Favre is, without question, one of the steals of this fantasy football season.

I expect a big game from him next week, as well. The Bears don't stand a chance.

2) Wes Welker - Patriots
Vs. Jets

It's rare a receiver will earn a spot in this post without getting in the end zone, but Welker's numbers were just too good on Sunday. If you get points in your league for receptions, there's a good chance Welker was more valuable than anyone this weekend.

Welker torched the Jets' defense for 15 catches and 192 yards. With Tom Brady heating up, Welker and Randy Moss should be putting up big stats for the rest of the season.

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