Running backs to like in Week 9

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1) Chris Johnson - Titans
Vs. Bills

"Man crush" is such a terrible term, isn't it? As such, I need to find another way to describe my love for Chris Johnson, so let's just go with "I think he's the coolest running back in the NFL". Is that good?

Johnson has been a tear lately, and this will only continue at home against Buffalo on Sunday. The Bills can't stop the run. By that I mean, they are the worst team in the league at this particular aspect of football. Buffalo gives up 173 yards per game on the ground. Johnson averages 120 yards per game.

I smell lots and lots of yards, and a touchdown or two.

2) Ray Rice -- Ravens
@ Browns

Speaking of teams that can't stop the run....what up, Browns! The Bills may be the worst at defending the run, but Cleveland is only three yards per game behind.

The Browns are terrible. How terrible? Even the Bears can beat them! That should be all you need to know.

Look for Rice to bust out big time. A couple long touchdown runs wouldn't be surprising.

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Why waste our time with Chris Johnson? The guy is a must start anyway. This column is useless way too often.

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