Sunday Stars -- Week 6

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1) QB Tom Brady - Patriots
Vs. Titans

Greatest fantasy quarter of all-time? Probably. By throwing five touchdown passes in the second quarter in the snow against the lifeless Titans, Brady set a new NFL record and gave fantasy owners everywhere a reason to celebrate. Brady has been a bit of a disappointment in the fantasy world thus far, so hopefully this will get him going and he'll be able to sustain this success.

Also, any quarterback looks like a strong start against Tennessee right now. My how have the mighty have fallen. Not every NFL QB is Tom Brady, of course, but seriously, that was some of the worst coverage I've ever seen on Sunday. That secondary is Grade-A terrible.

2) RB Maurice Jones-Drew - Jags
Vs. Rams

133 yards, three touchdowns. This is what happens when a star player goes up against the Rams. Don't say I didn't tell you.

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