Running backs to like in Week 6

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1) Rashard Mendenhall - Steelers
Vs. Browns

It seems like there are more terrible teams than normal this year. Bill Simmons broke it down in his column at today.

St. Louis (The King of Crappy); Oakland (Queen Crappy); Cleveland and Buffalo (the Duke and Duchess of Crappy); and Kansas City, Carolina, Washington, Tennessee (the Lords of Crappy).

In fantasy, whenever you can start a guy against one of these teams - and let's not forget to throw Detroit in there, either - go for it. Expect big things.

As such, you start Rashard Mendenhall this week.

Mendenhall is hot as any back in football. He has three touchdowns in his last two games and has averaged over five yards per carry in each. Throw in a Browns defense that is the league's worst when it comes to stopping the run, and it's not hard to see another big game for Mendenhall.

2) Maurice Jones-Drew - Jags
Vs. Rams

The Jags flat-out stunk last week, and MJD awful. Good thing the Rams are next up on the schedule.

I see a big game for Jones-Drew and Jacksonville offense coming. They need to prove last week was a fluke, and at 2-3, they need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Expect two touchdowns for MJD this week.

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