The Jets want Brandon Marshall. Do you?

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Right now, the only person taking Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall in a fantasy league is the guy who forgot what time the draft was at and has his team set on auto pick.

There are countless reasons for this.

Marshall went from catching passes from Jay Cutler to catching passes from Kyle Orton. With Orton sporting a dislocated finger, perhaps he'll even be catching passes from Tom Brandstater.

Then there was that pesky offseason hip surgery. And those legal issues. And the fact that Marshall has demanded a trade. And the fact that he's just sort of an idiot. Oh yeah, he's also suspended right now.

Marshall does not have a lot going for him at this point.

But, perhaps, that will change soon. The Jets are said to be interested in the 26-year receiver. We've seen Denver trade a cranky star before. Who's to say they won't do it again?

I would actually like Marshall's chances better in Denver than in New York, all things being equal. But all things aren't equal. Marshall seems to have burned all of his bridges in Denver, so it's probably better for everyone involved - fantasy owners included - if he packs up and moves out.

In New York, Marshall would be the unquestioned top target for rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez. Jericho Cotchery is nice and all....but he's no Brandon Marshall.

At this point, it looks like the only way fantasy owners are getting value out of Marshall is if he gets traded. It looks like it could happen.

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