Sunday Stars -- Week 3

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1. Peyton Manning -- Colts
@ Cardinals

With the decline of LaDainian Tomlinson, is there a more sure bet in fantasy football than Manning? Yes, fantasy football is all about the running backs, but no owner will ever regret drafting Peyton. The stats he put up last night - 380 passing, four touchdowns to one interception - would be a career day for anyone else, but for Manning it only qualifies as "good".

2. Maurice Jones-Drew -- Jaguars
@ Texans

Let me say that I am a bit worried about the mighty MJD. As ESPN put it today, "No one denies Jones-Drew's talent, just a matter of Jacksonville being competitive to keep him involved."

Jones-Drew is phenomenal, but running backs on bad teams are never a sure bet. The Jaguars, through three weeks, look like a bad team. It's no reason to panic if you own MJD, just something to consider moving forward.

And, yes thanks for asking: in my main league, I have both Manning and MJD. It very, very good week for Cleverly Named Team.

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