Sunday Stars -- Week 2

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1. RB Chris Johnson - Titans
Vs. Texans

That performance was purely LaDainian Tomlinson-ian. 197 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. Nine catches, 87 yards and a touchdown through the air. It's still very early, but it'll take a Herculean effort for a running back to top what Johnson did yesterday this season.

Johnson's Johnson counterpart on Sunday - the Texans' Andre Johnson - also had a huge day full of highlight reel plays. Is it any coincidence Gus Johnson announced the game on CBS?

2. RB Frank Gore - 49ers
Vs. Seahawks

207 yards on 16 carries. Sixteen. The way Gore was running the ball on Sunday, you have to wonder why coach Mike Singletary didn't give his back 30 opportunities. Did Glen Coffee really need nine carries (for a whopping 13 yards)? I think not. Help a brother out, Samurai Mike.

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