Sunday Stars -- Week 1

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At the beginning of every week, we'll look at some of the fantasy standouts from the weekend.

1. QB Drew Brees - Saints
Vs. Lions

NFL football seems to be one part talent, one part scheme. With Brees and Sean Payton, New Orleans has both in place. It was on full display on Sunday.

The fact that Brees tore up the Lions' defense is no surprise. After all, Brees is quite awesome, and, you know, everyone tears up the Lions' defense. But six touchdowns passes and a 50 point fantasy day? Few saw that coming on Week 1.

2. RB Adrian Peterson - Vikings
Vs. Browns

The King of Fantasy Football proved he was as good as advertised in Week 1. 180 yards, three touchdowns, countless stiff arms. Enough said.

As we mentioned on Thursday, Cleveland was awful against the run last year. Looks like that's going to continue once again.

3. Eagles defense
Vs. Carolina

Most savvy NFL viewers know Jake Delhomme isn't exactly a franchise quarterback at this point, but the Philadelphia defense made him look purely Grossman-ian. It was perhaps the finest fantasy defense line I've ever seen: a touchdown, five interceptions, two fumble recoveries.

You can't count on 30 + points out of your fantasy defense every week, but it sure is a huge boost when it happens. I have the Eagles in my main league, and they powered my team to a comfortable victory.

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