Should Larry Fitzgerald be a first round pick?

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Larry Fitzgerald is going late in the first round in nearly all fantasy drafts. It makes sense. All of the available running backs are likely to carry asterisks. Why not grab the consensus best receiver available?

The problem is that though Fitzergerald is one of the three best real life receivers in the NFL - Andre Johnson and Randy Moss are in that group, too - to be the great fantasy receiver, he needs double digit touchdowns. Last year he had 12. That's good enough. But remember Kurt Warner has lots of other options. And opponents should be more geared in on Fitzgerald than ever before. It wouldn't be a big surprise to see his numbers take a bit of a hit.

At least that's what ESPN's Matthew Berry thinks.

As I mentioned in my 100 facts column, six of Fitz's 12 touchdowns last season came in the four games Anquan Boldin missed. If you look at Fitzgerald's production of the past three years in games in which Boldin played, they are statistically the same player. And Boldin is being drafted two rounds later.

Take that for what it's worth.

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