Running backs to like in Week 3

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1) Brandon Jacobs -- Giants
@ Buccaneers

Don't think of this as a 'sit or start' post. Of course you are going to start Brandon Jacobs. He's really good, and he's either your RB1 or RB2. But he hasn't been good through two weeks. Jacobs has yet to find the end zone, and has just 104 yards combined in the first two games. I'm smelling a break out this week, though.

Tampa Bay can't stop the run. Fred Jackson tore them apart last week, just as I predicted (hey, even a dead clock is correct twice a day, right?). Marion Barber - a big, power back similar to Jacobs - did well against the Bucs' D in game one.

We could be looking at 100 yards from Jacobs. We could be looking at a two-score day. Either way, I think he'll find success in Tampa.

2) Ray Rice -- Ravens
Vs. Browns

I think this could be week Rice gets his first career touchdown. He has run pretty well through two weeks, but hasn't gotten any red zone touches. Willis McGahee gets those, and he has three touchdowns so far. Rice likely won't be seeing goal line carries any time soon. So, for Rice to find the end zone, we have to assume he's going be need to break a long one. Luckily, that's possible against the Browns.

Adrian Peterson broke a 64-yard run in Cleveland in Week 1. Cornell Buckhalter busted a 45-yard run against the Browns in Week 2.

Rice needs a long one. He could get it this week.

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