Running backs to like in Week 1

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1) LaDainian Tomlinson
Vs. Raiders

If a Hall of Fame existed for fantasy football, Tomlinson would go in on the first ballot. There is no denying that he is beginning to slip, however. Tomlinson is still a first round pick, but this is the first year in recent memory LDT wasn't selected in the top two in every league.

Still, it's hard not to like this matchup.

The Raiders were second to only the Lions last year when it came to futility in stopping the run. Oakland allowed 160 yards a game on the ground in 2008, allowing runners to gain 4.7 yards a carry.

Tomlinson, even at the wrong side of 30, is still good enough to take advantage.

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2) Adrian Peterson
@ Browns

Peterson may as well make this list every week. He's the most dominant running back in the NFL, and the best fantasy player around.

AD owners should be salivating this weekend.

Cleveland ranked 28th against the run last year. They allowed 152 yards a game.

Look for 150 yards and a touchdown out of Peterson this week.

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LT and AP? This is not helping anyone at all. Completely irrelevant since these two start every week no matter what.

So I should start LT and Adrian Peterson. Top notch advice.

Really? You think LT and ADP are going to do good? Thank goodness I checked this site, I was about to put them on my bench. Thanks!

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