Meet your new backup fantasy quarterback, Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman

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I wish I could tell you how long rookie receiver Julian Edelman will be in the Patriots' lineup. Can't do it, though. Do you really expect New England coach Bill Belichick to give the world a hint on how much time Wes Welker is going to miss? Of course not. Bill Belichick hates everyone, fantasy football owners included.

What we know is this: if Welker can't go, Edelman proved last week he can be a nice, little replacement. He caught eight passes for 98 yards against the Jets. In my point per reception Yahoo! league, that would have earned him 17 points. A very nice day for any wide receiver, and not bad for a quarterback, either. Yes, quarterback. Because, at least in Yahoo! leagues, Edelman qualifies as such.

Edelman played quarterback in college at Kent State. Though New England made him a receiver after they drafted him in the seventh round this year, Edelman still qualifies as a quarterback in Yahoo! leagues. Unfortunately, the trick doesn't work in ESPN leagues.

Use this to your advantage, fantasy football owners of the world. Do you play in a league that requires you to start two quarterbacks a week? Do you get points for every reception? If so, Edelman could be a great pickup.

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