Anthony Gonzalez is out, Pierre Garcon is in

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The stars seemed to be aligning for Colts wideout Anthony Gonzalez this season. He was entering his third season, a year many a wide receiver has broken out. With Marvin Harrison riding off into the sunset (or something like that), Gonzalez was set for increased playing time. Hey, somebody has to be on the other end of all those Peyton Manning touchdown passes, right? Gonzalez seemed like a perfect fantasy football sleeper candidate.

And then Week 1 happened. Gonzalez went down with a knee injury before he could catch a pass. He wouldn't return. Some feared it was season ending, but Colts prez Bill Polian quickly shot down those reports. Still, Gonzalez is going to miss significant time.

Now what? Who's catching the Manning touchdowns that don't go to Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark?

For the answer, I turned to Sports Illustrated's NFL preview. In it, Gonzalez says this:

"People come up to me and say 'Hey, have a big year. I've got you in my fantasy league,'" said Gonzalez. "I tell them, 'trade me for Pierre, you'll be a lot happier.'"

The Pierre he's talking about is Pierre Garcon, a second year receiver out of Division III powerhouse Mount Union. As a rookie, Garcon caught just four passes for 23 yards. He basically equaled that in Week 1.

Against the Jags, Garcon caught three passes for 24 yards. If some had him ticketed to break out before Gonzalez's injury, he should be on everyone's radar now.

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You right. Something worth noting though, Colts signed Hank Baskett, possibly as replacement for Gonzalez. Whether or not he can climb past Garcon in the depth chart is yet to be determined. My team is no good because apparently i know crap about drafting this year but I am staying away.

Garcon was a Division III mega star that lead Mt. Union to a couple of National Championships. He was fun to watch then, and he just keeps getting better. He was a head turning prospect at the NFL combine with his 4.4 forty speed 2 years ago. He showed everyone watching MNF that his 4.4 speed was no fluke as he accelerated into the end zone for the Colts game winning touchdown. Welcome to the NFL Pierre Garcon...Check Please!


100% agree...

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