May in review: a look at our official fantasy league

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It's not early anymore. With two months in the books, our first ever official fantasy league is starting to take shape. After the jump, we'll take you through the standings, some key moves, and what to expect from here on out.


A few things...

a) The top seven teams last month are still the top seven teams today. The order is a little mixed up, but I'm a bit surprised how much the standings held up over the last 30 days.

b) My main man Ryan McCall - whom I can only describe with words I can't say on blog at the Chicago Sun-Times - is still in first, though RiverRats has chopped 10 points off his lead since last month. 20 points is still a huge cushion in a rotisserie league, though. Could we be looking at a wire to wire champion?

c) The league has really split into two sections: the top six and the bottom seven. My team, G-E-T-Z Getz! Getz! Getz!, is in sixth, and I have an 18 point cushion on the seventh place team. Though it's still really early, it looks like the top six teams now will remain that way for a long time.

d) There were just two trades last month. I made one, and unfortunately, I may have screwed up. I dealt Tigers starter Edwin Jackson to Hoosier Dawgs for Bobby Jenks. I needed saves big time, but it looks like Jackson may be for real. I kind of expected the wheels to fall off a bit. The other trade was a biggie. McCall got Brandon Webb and Joe Mauer from SouthSidePride for AJ Burnett, Emilio Bonifacio and Brian McCann.

Thanks. We'll be checking in again soon.

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