One month in the books: a look at our official fantasy league

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You've met the teams, now it's time for the first check in on our fantasy baseball league. We've been at it for a month, and I want to commend nearly all the owners for continuing to update their teams. Fantasy baseball is a grind, so I'm glad to report stellar participation throughout the first month of the season.

After the jump, we'll take a look at standings, trades, and what to expect in May....


Much to the dismay of everyone involved, this league has been all about Mr. Ryan McCall from day one. I'll give the kid (I think he's a kid?) credit though, he's talks a big game, and he's backing it up. Plus, all fantasy leagues are way more fun when owners are giving each other guff, so perhaps McCall is the ideal fantasy player. Even if his team name is lame.

We're all tied up for second. First, let's look at the RiverRats, who have done it with double digit production in five categories (and a 9.5 in another). The RiverRats lead the league in steals, thanks primarily to Jacoby Ellsbury who is second in the majors right now with 14.

KING KONG MAN is the other half of the second place tie, and poses perhaps the biggest threat to McCall. His hitting has been off the charts. The pitching leaves a lot to be desired, though. Josh Beckett has been putrid thus far, but he should bounce back. Outside of him, there really isn't much talent in the rotation. When Josh Hamilton returns from the DL, maybe we'll see a trade.

Speaking of trades, we've had four so far.


As you can see, McCall, the league's top dog, has been involved in every one. You got to wonder if the other owners will start getting nervous to make trades with him.

Here's a quick look at the first round of our draft.


Best pick of the first round: Pujols.

McCall shipped him to ThunderStruck on draft day, and so far he has been fantastic. His five slash line is unmatched among fantasy hitters so far: .344/9/29/25/4.

Biggest bust: Hamilton.

There are been several first round disappointments so far (Reyes, Wright, Tex), but we have to go with Hamilton here for the fact that he can't stay on the field. He went on the DL April 26 with a strained rib cage. It looks like he still could be out another couple weeks.

It has been a great first month so far. Good luck to everyone the rest of the way.

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