League preview: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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As you may have heard, Matt and I finally got around to setting up our own fantasy league. We held our first ever fantasy baseball draft last month, and it was a lot of fun. Nothing like some quality smack talk to start off the year. In the days leading up to the start of the season, we'll be taking a quick look at each team in our league.

Next up is Bleed Cubbie Blue. Come behold the power of screen shots...


First pick: 2B Ian Kinsler - Rangers (1st round, 13th pick)
Best value: SP Kevin Slowey - Twins (13th round, pick 169)

As is fitting for a team named after the North Siders, BCB wound up with the last pick in the draft. I kid, I kid. Grabbing Kinsler at pick 13 is a major coup. If he can stay healthy this year, he may just be the best second baseman in the league. Especially with a relatively weak talent crop at the position, a player like Kinsler is invaluable. BJ Upton, Denard Span, and Rafeal Furcal will provide average and speed to the lineup, while Big Papi and Carlos Pena will be counted on to knock in runs.

The pitching here is little more suspect. BCB will be relying heavily on Jared Weaver, who saw his strikeouts and ERA rise last season. Kevin Slowey, Aaron Harang, and John Maine will be solid but unspectacular. For BCB's sake, hopefully Marmol gets the closer's job back soon.

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