Top Five KC Royals

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5. SS Mike Aviles

Aviles never stopped hitting after being called up to the big leagues last year. He's a bit of a free swinger, but it doesn't really matter if he hits .325 again. He showed some power and speed, too. A 20-20 season in 2009 wouldn't be all that surprising.

4. 1B Mike Jacobs

Mike Sweeney was a staple for so long in Kansas City at first base, and now Mike Jacobs - acquired from the Marlins this offseason - is set to try to fill his shoes. Jacobs is coming off a career year in 2008, posting an OPS over .800 for the first time in a full season. Batting average is the only concern here. If you're looking for homers and RBI, Jacobs is a nice late round option in mixed leagues.

3. 3B Alex Gordon

Shouldn't Gordon be working on his second MVP at this point? The former top prospect has had some trouble living up to the hype, but he made some real strides last year. He's a breakout candidate in 2009.

2. CL Joakim Soria

K-Rod be damned: Soria was the most dominant closer in the American League last year. He dominated all four categories he could, posting an absurd .86 WHIP, a 1.6 ERA, and a high K-rate. The only problem is the Royals won't be winning many games again, so Soria doesn't get a ton of save chances. Still, he made the most of his opportunites last year to finish with 42 saves.

1. SP Zack Greinke

Two years in a row means it's not a fluke. Gil Meche (who isn't a bad fantasy option himself) makes the most money, but Greinke has developed into the ace the Royals always hoped he would. He's one of the most dominant strikeout pitchers in the AL, and he's been able to keep the walks down the last few seasons. The Royals may actually surprise some people this year (80 wins isn't out of the question), and ZG would be a big reason why.

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for someone who thinks he an expert, you dont know what your talking about. Its mike sweeney,not sweetney

Rick responds: Fixed, thanks.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if KC went at least.500 this year..... look who's second in their league and fourth in all of the major leagues. I know which team I'll be watching this year!

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