Los Angeles Dodgers - 3 Studs, a Dud and a Sleeper

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Manny is in camp and the Dodgers are again looking to capture the NL West crown.

But who can you count on for fantasy production?

Find out with the Three Studs, a Dud and a Sleeper for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Get everything you need to know about the Dodgers after the jump...

Top 3 Dodgers

Manny Ramirez - OF

The man, the myth, the legend.

Man-Ram fit quite nicely into a Dodgers uniform in 2008, going on a tear that still defies most of the logic Bill James can provide.

But Manny has already run into an obstacle, a pesky hamstring that will delay his full spring training debut. Will this have any serious effect on his season?

No. And therefore it shouldn't do anything to dissuade you from making him your corner outfielder.

Matt Kemp - OF

Finding a player in fantasy baseball that is capable of hitting for average and power is tough enough.

But to try and find one with 30 steals on top of it?

Even harder.

But Matt Kemp may be on the verge of doing just that for you and can be had at a relatively low price. Don't be surprised if you get a .300 AVG, 20 HR, 32 steal season out of Kemp before it's all said and done.

Russell Martin - C

You're looking at the second best fantasy catcher in baseball in Martin, but questions remain about his durability entering his third season as the starter.

Catchers are a rare commodity and Martin is one of the best in fantasy. But the Dodgers have failed to secure a catcher to come in and give Martin a break from time to time, increasing the likelihood of serious injury.

Don't think twice about taking Martin, but just be prepared in case he does go down.


Juan Pierre - OF

We love Pierre for his ability to steal bases, but the problem is you can only do that if you're actually on the field.

A place Pierre will figure to have a tough time finding in 2009. The Dodgers outfield is all but set, with Pierre being the odd man out.

If he's traded to another franchise, I'd add Pierre in a heartbeat. But until that day comes, I'm not wasting the pick.


Jonathan Broxton - RP

Assuming the duty of closing out games for the Dodgers will be a tall task for Broxton.

But if his performance in 2008 is any indication, he'll be more than capable of delivering. The Dodgers have that single quality you always look for in a closer: namely, they're good.

Which translates into plenty of save opportunities and hopefully, plenty of saves for your squad.

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