League preview: South Side Pride

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As you may have heard, Matt and I finally got around to setting up our own fantasy league. We held our first ever fantasy baseball draft earlier this month, and it was a lot of fun. Nothing like some quality smack talk to start off the year. In the days leading up to the start of the season, we'll be taking a quick look at each team in our league.

Next up is South Side Pride. Come behold the power of screen shots...


First pick: SS Jimmy Rollins - Phillies
Best value: 1B Joey Votto - Reds

South Side Pride is managed by Olsen's friend Tone. As you can tell by the team name, he's a noted Sox fan and was peeved when Matt grabbed Alexei Ramirez four slots in front of him in the fourth round. The lesson, as always, is don't mess with Matt Olsen.

South Side Pride is heavy on guys from the Sox. Tone chose six good guys in all, but I can't really say he reached for any of them. Chris Getz, his final selection at pick No. 267, could be a real steal. Tone's got two of the biggest thorns in the Sox' side as well: Curtis Granderson and Joe Mauer.

Since he chose to keep five hitters on the bench, SSP's pitching staff is a little light. Brandon Webb is as good as they come, however, and Ervin Santana has proven to be one of the league's best strikeout artists.

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That's all I get Ricky? Not even a dis for drafting Viciedo? I know that was a long-shot, but I figured what the hell. Oh well. Yeah my team is stacked with Sox players, and rightfully so considering they're all good. I just hope they perform this year. I hated picking Mauer and Granderson, but those boys are sick. At least you didn't burn me for drafting Quentin in the second round, thanks bro. Good luck this year, but I came to bring the pain so be ready. Later Rick!

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