Fantasy Wake Up Call - March 27

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Player of the Night

LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland Trailblazers
vs. Phoenix Suns
29 points, 12 boards, 2 dimes, 3 blocks, 1 steal, 68% FG

It's tough to look at Aldridge's stat line as a Bulls fan. Back in the 2006 NBA Draft, the Bulls selected Aldridge with the second overall pick, only to trade him moments later to the Blazers for Tyrus Thomas and some other garbage.

While Thomas has shown signs of improvement, Aldridge has developed into a very solid player in both the NBA and the world of fantasy basketball.

He's got a soft jumper to go along with some polished interior moves, but isn't aggressive enough to be a double-double man in points and rebounds.

In fantasy terms, he's a great complimentary player that consistently nets you 18 ppg, 7 rpg and an occasional twenty-something night. Portland is pushing to move past the Hornets for the five seed in the Western Conference and Aldridge appears to be stepping his game up at just the right time.

Top Performers

Kobe Bryant, Lakers
vs. Detroit Pistons
30 points, 7 dimes, 8 boards, 2 steals

Brandon Roy, Blazers
vs. Phoenix Suns
30 points, 9 boards, 6 assists

Will Bynum, Pistons
vs. New Jersey Nets
25 points, 11 dimes, 3 boards

Bust of the Night

Tayshaun Prince, Pistons
vs. Los Angeles Lakers
7 points, 1 dime, 4 boards, 3 TO, 3-for-13 from the floor.

It's been an ugly year for Prince and last night may have been rock bottom.

The Pistons are in the midst of one of their worst slides in the Joe Dumars era and Prince, who was once seen as the team's catalyst, has struggled to find his place.

Top Scorers

31 - Dwayne Wade, Heat
30 - Bryant, Lakers
29 - Aldridge, Blazers
27 - John Salmons, Bulls
26 - Roy, Blazers

Top Dime Droppers

11 - Bynum, Pistons
8 - Sergio Rodriguez, Blazers
7 - Bryant, Lakers
7 - Lamar Odom, Lakers
7 - Derek Rose, Bulls

Top Rebounders

12 - Aldridge, Blazers
12 - Tyrus Thomas, Bulls
12 - Antonio McDyess, Pistons
11 - Pau Gasol, Lakers
10 - Odom, Lakers

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