Fantasy Wake Up Call - March 24

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Player of the Night

Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic
vs. New York Knicks
29 points, 14 boards, 2 dimes, 4 blocks, 66% FG

The most dominant big man in the Association was at it again last night, wreaking havoc against a crumbling Knicks squad.

Wade and LeBron get most of the attention when considering who the fantasy MVP of 2009 is, and deservedly so.

But could you make a case for Superman himself?

Find out after the jump...

When speaking of the actual NBA MVP, I think Howard merits more than a mention at the discussion. People want to talk about LeBron or Wade's supporting casts, but have you taken a look at Howard's?

Jameer Nelson is hurt. Rashard Lewis gets paid $16.4 million to chuck up threes and not rebound. Hedo Turkoglu? J.J. Redick?

Howard is the heart and soul of this team and if he goes down, I guarantee you the ship is going down with him. His points, rebounds and most importantly, blocks are high enough where you can pencil him in as one of the top five fantasy options in the league.

But 'Bron and Wade still take the cake.

Top Performers

Antawn Jamison, Washington Wizards
vs. Chicago Bulls
34 points, 12 boards

LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland Trailblazers
vs. Philadelphia 76ers
24 points, 5 dimes, 12 boards, 2 blocks

Ronald 'Flip' Murray, Atlanta Hawks
vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
30 points, 2 boards, 5 dimes, 5-for-8 from long distance

Bust of the Night

Eric Gordon, Los Angeles Clippers
vs. Boston Celtics
8 points, 1 board, 0 dimes, 5 TO

This might be a tad unfair considering he only played 29 minutes against the defending champions with Kevin Garnett back in the lineup.

But you could also look at this as a form of praise because of the high expectations that have been laid up on Gordon in his rookie season. Much of the hype has surrounded Derrick Rose, but don't sleep on Eric Gordon.

This kid is going to light it up next year. Keep that in mind.

Top Scorers

34 - Jamison, Wizards
30 - Murray, Hawks
29 - Howard, Magic
29 - Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets
27 - Andre Miller, 76ers
27 - Dwayne Wade, Heat

Top Dime Droppers

9 - Mike Bibby, Hawks
9 - Steve Nash, Suns
8 - Wade, Heat
8 - Chauncey Billups, Nuggets
8 - Baron Davis, Clippers
8 - Derrick Rose, Bulls

Top Rebounders

14 - Howard, Magic
14 - Zach Randolph, Clippers
13 - David Lee, Knicks
13 - Al Horford, Hawks
13 - Andray Blatche, Wizards
13 - Kendrick Perkins, Celtics

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