Fantasy Wake Up Call - Mar. 3

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Player of the Night

Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat
vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
41 points, 9 dimes, 7 boards, 7 steals

LeBron and his merry men may have won the game, but Wade walks away with the distinction of being our Player of the Night.

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In what was one of the most entertaining games of the season, Wade and 'Bron played the good old 'anything you can do, I can do better' game and left fantasy owners gasping for air.

Wade has become such a complete player that his fantasy value is skyrocketing. Seven steals? That's insanity, especially when you consider that reaching a number like that combined with scoring 41 points illustrates just how hard he plays on both ends of the court.

Top Performers

LeBron James
vs. Miami Heat
42 points, 4 dimes, 8 boards, 6-for-7 from long distance

David West, New Orleans Hornets
vs. Philadelphia 76ers
30 points, 10 boards, 5 dimes

Russel Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder
vs. Dallas Mavericks
17 points, 10 boards, 10 dimes, 2 steals

Bust of the Night

Baron Davis, Los Angeles Clippers
vs. San Antonio Spurs
10 points, 8 dimes, 5 boards, 4-for-14 from the floor

Is Baron Davis even having fun playing basketball anymore?

Stuck in the succubus that is the Los Angeles Clippers franchise, Davis' fantasy value has plummeted and shows no sign of rebounding.

His supporting cast is horrendous and Dunleavy restricts Davis from playing the up tempo style that suited him so well in Golden State.

It kills me to see BD go through this.

But for a more in-depth look at this situation, I advise you to check out this Bill Simmons' article.

Top Scorers

42 - James, Cavs
41 - Wade, Heat
30 - Mo Williams, Cavs
30 - West, Hornets
30 - Andre Iguodola, 76ers

Top Dime Droppers

13 - Joe Johnson, Hawks
12 - Chris Paul, Hornets
10 - Tony Parker, Spurs
10 - Westbrook, Thunder

Top Rebounders

15 - Zydrunas Illgauskas, Cavs
12 - Tim Duncan, Spurs
12 - James Posey, Hornets

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