Colorado Rockies - 3 Studs, a Dud and a Sleeper

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After suffering through an injury plagued 2008 season, here are the Three HEALTHY Studs, a Dud and a Sleeper for the Colorado Rockies.

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Top 3 Rockies

Troy Tulowitzki - SS

After the Rockies Cinderlla-esque run to the World Series in 2007, the fantasy world was sold on the young Troy Tulowitzki.

Fast forward to the halfway point of 2008 and the tides had definitely turned. Tulowitzki missed the better part of last season due to a torn quad and lacerated palm as fantasy owners suffered along with him.

But when he returned to the lineup on July 21, Tulowitzki looked like his old self, hitting .327 and slugging .469 down the stretch. He'd finally recovered from the injury, and with an offseason of conditioning under his belt, Tulowitzki is poised to have a big comeback campaign in 2009.

Time for you to jump on the bandwagon.

Brad Hawpe - OF

Like most of the Rockies in 2008, Hawpe was injured at various points in the season, suffering primarily from a bad hamstring. Yet, he still managed to post respectable numbers (.283 AVG, 25 HR, 85 RBI, .498 SLG) in only 138 games.

When the injury bug infects an entire team, the following year is the time for redemption and I have a ton of faith in guys like Hawpe and the aforementioned Tulowitzki. But Hawpe is more than capable of a 30 HR, 100+ RBI season that you'll easily be able to find anywhere from rounds 14 to 16 of the draft.

Garrett Atkins - 1B/3B

While I'm not as high on Atkins as many publications seem to be, he's still the third best fantasy option on the roster and his eligibility for two positions increases his overall value.

Look, the Rockies should be a fantasy goldmine playing in Coors field. If you put a guy like Albert Pujols or Alex Rodriguez in that stadium night in and night out, records would be broken and it wouldn't be because of the juice.

Atkins will need to prove that he's still capable of being a respectable fantasy option in a stadium where Bud Selig might have a shot at 30 round trippers.


Todd Helton - 1B

Helton's stock has been on the decline for years now and it may have finally hit rock bottom. If you've visited the Fantasy Factor before, you know my feelings about back injuries and Helton has had his fair share of them.

It's a debilitating injury that brings a slow death to the careers of athletes who we once thought were untouchable. Imagine the torque Helton uses when swinging a bat, and then imagine trying to do it thousands of times in a season with a bad back.

Those swings add up quick and without the ability to switch to DH, Helton very well may be a lost cause.


Ian Stewart - 3B

Before I even begin, understand that Stewart will most likely begin the season riding the pine for the Rockies behind Garrett Atkins.

But that shouldn't last very long because Stewart has the ability to play 3B, 1B and even LF. Depending on how Helton performs early on, there's a possibility that Atkins could replace Helton at first while Stewart takes over at third, or vice versa.

Depending on your league format, having a player with multiple positions available is a luxury you hope and pray for. Stewart displayed decent power during his 81 games last season (10 HR, 41 RBI), though we would prefer to see his average, OBP and SLG improve eventually.

He's more of a sleeper for you NL only kind of folk, but make sure to keep an eye on the Rockies infield situation.

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