Arizona Diamondbacks - 3 Studs, a Dud and a Sleeper

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We're going to try a little something different here.

With the advice of my Korean confidant Min Kim, I'm rolling with the new Three Studs, a Dud and a Sleeper for the team previews.

That way you get a little bit of everything for each squad.

Read the rest after the jump...

Top 3 Diamondbacks

Brandon Webb - SP

Webb is about as dominating as a force you'll ever find in baseball, and more importantly, fantasy baseball. He's not caught up in the numbers or the peripheral annoyances and focuses solely on finding ways to become a better pitcher.

His sparkling 22-7 record from a year ago illustrates exactly what you can expect from Webb if you're lucky enough to snag him as your ace: consistency.

He'll take the mound every fifth day and has cleared the 200-inning plateau each of the last five seasons. Webb's WHIP and ERA are his biggest fantasy contributions, along with a steady dose of around 5.3 K per game.

Top 5 talent indeed.

Dan Haren - SP

While Webb may be considered the ace of the Diamondbacks staff, Haren is the fantasy force that you want to reckon with.

Last year he had less walks per nine and more strikeouts per nine than Webb on his way to tallying 16 wins.

And if history is any indication of things to come, you'll be giddy when you notice that Haren's strikeout totals have increased each of the past four seasons. Not to mention a WHIP that dropped from 1.206 to 1.130 from 2006-2008.

He'll be one of the first ten pitchers off the board in 2009.

Stephen Drew - SS

Being the first player to hit 40 doubles, 10 triples, and 20 round-trippers in a season since Brew Crew legend Robin Yount is something fantasy owners can hang their hat on when it comes to Drew.

It's an indication of a young talent that cannot be overlooked. In fantasy baseball, outfielders that hit for power are a dime a dozen.

Finding a shortstop of Drew's caliber at the plate is a rare commodity.


Justin Upton - OF

This only applies if your league is of the one and done format. It it's a keeper league, please disregard this advice.

Upton is still too much of a boom or bust candidate to be trusted as an everyday outfielder. His strikeout totals are way too high to be compensated for by his power numbers.

You could do a lot worse than Upton at the draft, but buyer beware. It still may be a year too early.


Chad Qualls - CL

I'm going to let my man Min Joon Kim give it to you straight about Qualls:

"Remember this is for JUST THIS YEAR. He'll get you 30 saves. Arizona's starting rotation is so good that he'll get a ton of save opportunities. I also love SP Max Scherzer, but he'll go lot higher in the draft than Qualls."

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