Fantasy Wake Up Call - Wednesday

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Player of the Night

Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets
vs. San Antonio Spurs
35 points, 9 boards, 1 dimes, 59% FG

Before I launch into an epic, 'welcome back Carmelo' rant, let's just make one thing clear: The Spurs played this game without Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

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I was debating between Anthony and his 2003 NBA Draft counterpart LeBron James (33 points, 7 boards, 4 dimes, 2 blocks) for last night's honors. 'Melo was the winner simply because it was only his second game back after missing ten games with a broken hand.

With Chauncey Billups in the fold and A.I. out in Motown, 'Melo is the main man once again in the Rockies and his fantasy numbers are going to skyrocket. There's no need to extol the virtues of his overall game, but I would like to point out that the Nuggets are about to embark upon an eight game road trip starting tonight in Oklahoma City.

Anthony will have to step it up a notch to carry the Nuggets when they start to get sluggish towards the end, which means big games are in the very near future.

Pay close attention to the games on Wednesday against the Sixers and Friday against the Bulls.

Top Performers

Yao Ming, Rockets
vs. Chicago Bulls
28 points, 8 boards, 4 blocks

Danny Granger, Pacers
vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
28 points, 5 boards, 4 dimes, 2 blocks, 4-for-7 from deep

Paul Pierce, Celtics
vs. Philadelphia 76ers
29 points, 7 boards, 6 dimes

Bust of the Night

Elton Brand, Philadelphia 76ers
vs. Boston Celtics
0 points, 3 boards - 9 minutes of action
Not to go all ESPN Daily Dime on you, but what has happened to E.B. out in Philly?

Granted, the dude's got a bum shoulder and probably shouldn't even be playing because of it. But what's been going on all season has been inexcusable. E.B. used to be a double-double machine during his years in Chicago and Los Angeles. Now he's been reduced to the aging veteran who's just worried about getting that last, long-term, lucrative contract that will set him up for retirement.

He got it from Philly, and Philly is getting exactly nothing in return.

Top Scorers
35 - Anthony

33 - James
29 - Pierce
Chris Bosh, Toronto Raptors

Top Dime Droppers
12 - Vince Carter, New Jersey Nets (I had to read this 3 times to believe it)

9 - Mo Williams, Cleveland Cavaliers
Anthony Carter, Denver Nuggets
8 - Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics
Anthony Parker, Toronto Raptors

Top Rebounders
18 - Luis Scola, Houston Rockets (Always play your bigs against the Bulls)

15 - Al Jefferson, Minnesota Timberwolves
13 - Tyrus Thomas, Chicago Bulls (Ty-Riser!)

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