Fantasy Wake Up Call - Tuesday

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Today we bring you a special four pack of shining stars.

G Dwyane Wade - Heat
Vs. T-Wolves
37 points, 12 assists, 4 rebounds

G Chris Paul - Hornets
Vs. Magic
36 points, 10 assists, 6 rebounds

F Amar'e Stoudemire - Suns
@ Clippers
42 points, 11 rebounds

G Kobe Bean Bryant - Lakers
@ Golden State
30 points, 9 assists, 2 blocks

Superstars....they're pretty good! More groundbreaking analysis, after the jump.

Lets go one by one..

1. D-Wade is straight filthy, yo, but how do the Heat drop one at home against Minnesota? And I think I can start making fun of Michael Beasley again. This year's No. 2 overall pick finished 4-of-10 from the field in just 18 minutes. The Bulls really dodged a bullet there, huh? But back to Wade...we all knew he was a great player, but what he's doing this year is sort of shocking when you factor in that he basically didn't play the last two years. He's one of the best ballers in the game, no doubt. Perhaps only Bron is better.

2. CP3 has be happy Tyson Chandler is back by his side after the Thunder reneged on a trade completed earlier this week. Chandler didn't play yesterday, but who needs him when Paul is fillin' the stat sheet like he did last night? The thing that impresses me most about Paul is the way he can get anywhere on the floor whenever he wants. Maybe Bron is the only other dude in the league you can say that about (maybe Wade as well). But when you consider just how tiny Paul is, it's even more impressive. He's a hell of a player, maybe fantasy's best, and a joy to watch.

3. Now onto the portion of the post where I get morbidly depressed. The Suns crushed my petty little heart when they decided to hold onto STAT, and so far so good, I'd say. Since firing Terry Porter, the Suns are averaging 141 points a game. To be fair, though, they've only played two games and both were against the defensively-challenged Clippers.

4. And...the Kobster. The Association's most polarizing force. It should come as no surprise that he had his way offensively with the Warriors last night. They tend to have that effect on people. Partner in crime P-Gasol wasn't bad either (24 and 13). The Lakers: the team to beat. There, I said it.

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