Fantasy Wake Up Call - Feb. 20

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Player of the Night

Allen Iverson, Detroit Pistons
vs. San Antonio Spurs
31 points, 7 dimes, 3 boards,

It's been a struggle for Iverson in Motown as he continues to try and find his place in the Pistons lineup.

But last night against TIMMY! and the Spurs A.I. dusted off his bag of tricks and returned to fantasy prominence.

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Pistons GM Joe Dumars obviously swung a deal for A.I. to bolster his chances at landing one or two of the prized free agents in The Year That Shall Not Be Named.

But until then, how should the Pistons be using Iverson?

Off the bench? Or starter?

To even think of A.I. as anything but your starting guard seems to be just crazy talk.

Iverson doesn't need me to extol the virtues of his durability and consistency over his 12 years in the Association. But fantasy owners do because his production has dipped severely this season.

You stick with your studs and Iverson will deliver down the stretch as Detroit makes a push for the playoffs.

Top Performers

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
vs. Detroit Pistons
18 points, 18 boards, 3 blocks

Deron Williams, Utah Jazz
vs. Memphis Grizzlies
18 points, 10 dimes, 3 boards

Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs
vs. Detroit Pistons
19 points, 11 dimes, 5 boards

Bust of the Night

Richard Hamilton, Detroit Pistons
vs. San Antonio Spurs
4 points, 3 boards, 2 assist, 2-for-10 from the field

Welcome to the Pistons - Spurs edition of the Wake Up Call.

Not much to look at around the NBA last night, including Rip's performance.

He'll bounce back soon enough, but when A.I.'s going off for 31, you're not going to get much out of Rip. That's just how it is. Iverson's a natural born scoring machine, but needs a ton of touches and shots to get going.

Unfortunately, those looks come at the expense of Rip.

Top Scorers

31 - Iverson, Pistons
20 - Paul Pierce, Celtics
19 - Parker, Spurs
Mehmet Okur, Jazz
18 - Duncan, Spurs
Williams, Jazz

Top Dime Droppers

11 - Parker, Spurs
10 - Williams, Jazz
8 - Rodney Stuckey, Pistons (Where did you go Rodney?)
7 - Iverson, Pistons
Rajon Rondo, Celtics

Top Rebounders

18 - Duncan, Spurs
13 - Antonio McDyess, Pistons (Great pickup if you're looking for rebounds)
11 - Kendrick Perkins, Celtics (KG went down with a knee injury, might be wise to scoop up Perkins just in case)
10 - Paul Milsap, Jazz

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Detroit's problem starts with Michael Curry and Allen Iverson. Iverson complained he wanted more touches and more minutes, even though Detroit was winning. Curry gave in once Stuckey became the defense's focus. Now Iverson has what he wanted, but the team is losing.

You never hear about how tight the team is anymore. Iverson is a great fantasy player, he's a great individual player. He's just not a great teammate. This shouldn't be Iverson's team. It should be the Detroit Pistons. Right now their chemistry sucks and its up to the coach and the starters to fix it.

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