Wednesday's top lines of the night

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F Danny Granger - Pacers
Vs. Phoenix
37 points, six dimes, five boards, four steals, five three-pointers

F Pau Gasol - Lakers
Vs. Golden State
33 points, 18 boards, two blocks

G Randy Foye - T-Wolves
Vs. OK City
32 points, six dimes, six three-pointers, three boards, two steals

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Just like making out your football lineup every Sunday, fantasy b-ball is all about matchups. Just look at the top three guys above. The opponents in those games: the Suns, Warriors, and Sonics Thunder. Golden State plays at the fastest pace of any team, Phoenix ranks ninth - and they've been player much fastest since the J-Rich trade. What that means is a lot of possession which translates into gaudy fantasy stats. Not only is it good to own players on quick teams (hey, even Chris Duhon isn't a bad fantasy option this year under D'Antoni), it's good to start players against quick teams. And as for Foye, well, he was playing the Thunder. Enough said.

Leading scorer

37: Granger

Leading dime droppper

12: Steve Nash, Vince Carter (!), Russell Westbrook

Leading rebounder

19: C Dwight Howard - Magic

As a little bonus, here's video of Granger's game winner tonight against PHX.

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