Tuesday's top lines of the night

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G Kobe Bryant - Lakers
Vs. New Orleans
39 points, seven dimes, four boards*

G Chris Paul - Hornets
Vs. LA Lakers
32 points, 15 dimes, three boards

F David West
Vs. LA Lakers
40 points, 11 boards

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Last night gave us a decent slate of eight games, but none reaped more fantasy rewards than LA-New Orleans. That's to be expected, after all, we're are talking about two of the league's five best players and teams. The two superstars - Kobe and CP3 - filled it up, as to be expected, but perhaps West posted the best performance of the night. He shot over 50 percent and was money from the free throw line (12-of-13). Remember, in fantasy hoops, shooting percentages (for better or worse) carry as much weight as points. And boy, West sure had plenty of those: 40 matched his career high.

Leading scorer

40: West

Leading dime dropper

15: Paul

Leading rebounder

19: Marcus Camby - Clips

* = hey, if we're writing about basketball, we may as well pretend this is SLAM magazine, right?

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