Thursday's top hoops lines of the night

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Limited schedule last night with only three games on the docket. But you know as well as I do the fantasy world never stops and there were plenty of reasons to tune into some Association action.

G Chris Duhon - Knicks
Vs. Dallas
24 points, seven dimes, two boards, four three-pointers, 71% FG

G Jason Kidd - Mavericks
Vs. New York
16 points, 4 dimes, 7 boards, three steals

G Tony Parker - Spurs
Vs. Clippers
19 points, four dimes, three boards

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Are we destined to have the same caliber of rookie class this year in the NBA as the NFL has witnessed all season long?

Looking at a guy like Eric Gordon of the Los Angeles Clippers last night might make you think so. His stat line:

21 points, three dimes, one steal, one block, one turnover and two three-pointers.

He's stepped right in for an injured Baron Davis and has played phenomenally. His field goal percentage isn't going to do much for anyone, but you can't deny this kind of production.

More on this rookie class later today.

Leading scorer

24: Duhon

Leading dime droppper

9: Tim Duncan (!)

Leading rebounder

15: F David Lee - Knicks

Bonus Bulls coverage:

Check out Ricky's Top Ten Things (I think, I think) we know about the Bulls.

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