Sunday's Hoops Lines of the Night

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C Al Jefferson - Timberwolves
vs. Chicago Bulls
39 points, 9 boards

F Chris Bosh - Raptors
vs. Sacramento Kings
31 points, 8 boards, 2 blocks

PG Rajon Rondo - Celtics
vs. Dallas Mavericks
13 points, 14 assists, 7 boards

The Chicago Bulls have now solidified their position as one of the most fantasy friendly franchises in the Association.

More to come after the jump...

New rule to all of you who make it a point to not play your guys against the Bulls: give it up. Especially if they're big men because the Bulls have about as much interior defense as the Bears have a pass rush.

It's embarrassing when Al Jefferson and Kevin Love can combine for 24 rebounds on a night when the Bulls were trying to end a four game skid. The Bulls best defense is a good offense and when that's not working, all bets are off. There's nobody on the front line that can bang down low with the established big men of the league.

So the new rule of thumb is to start any post player you've got against the Bulls.

Leading scorers

39 - Jefferson

31 - Bosh
28 - Nene (Love this one name idea)

Leading dime droppers

14 - Rondo

13 - Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns
Joe Johnson, Atlanta Hawks (Can you remain the most underrated player in the
NBA when everyone knows you're the most underrated player in the NBA?)
12 - Raymond Felton, Charlotte Bobcats

Leading rebounders

20 - DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers (Sleeeeeeeeper)

15 - Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves
14 - Andris Biedrins, Golden State Warriors
Troy Murphy, Indiana Pacers

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