Monitoring the waiver wire

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Andrea Bargnani
ESPN % owned: 73.5%

Hopefully you've jump on Bargnani already, he's been putting up big numbers with Jermaine O'Neal out nearly all of January. Just look at his recent game log:


The first thing you'll notice here in the minutes. In his last five games, Barngnani is averaging 41 minutes a night. That's rule number one in fantasy hoops: lots of guys can play, but there are only so many minutes to go around. If Toronto keeps riding Barngnani's hot hand - and there is talk of O'Neal getting traded to Miami for Shawn Marion, which only open up more minutes for our man AB - he's a great fantasy option.

Anderson Varejao
ESPN % owned: 15%

Varejao's performance against the Lakers on Monday is a perfect example of what he should be able to bring to fantasy teams routinely: 10 points, 12 boards, three blocks, two assists. He'll never be a fantasy star, but while Big Z is out, Varejao can be a solid injury replacement for a big man on your team. You know what you're getting out of him: rebounds, blocks, and maybe a handful of points.

Travis Outlaw
ESPN % owned: 38%

Unlike Varejao, Outlaw isn't going to contribute in a lot of categories. He'll score, but more importantly, give you some three-pointers. Outlaw went 4-for-5 in a game on 1-12, and followed it up hitting 3 of 4 against the Nets on on Jan. 15. If you need a little extra help in the three-point department, Outlaw is available in most leagues.

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