Monday's top hoops lines of the night

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C Mehmet Okur - Jazz
Vs. Indiana Pacers
43 points, nine boards, three dimes

SF Paul Pierce - Celtics
Vs. Toronto Raptors
39 points, 9 boards, four dimes

C Brook Lopez - Nets
Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
31 points, 13 boards, two blocks

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Late last week we went over the stellar rookie class the NBA has to offer its viewing and fantasy audience this season. And last night, rookie C Brook Lopez threw down a dominating 31 point, 13 board night against the helpless Thunder.

But where in the world did Okur come from?

Besides looking like the guy nobody passes to out on the playground, Okur had his entire arsenal working for him last night against the Pacers. Typically he's just a big man patrolling the three point line waiting for Deron William to drive and kick. But last night he made a ridiculous 15 trips to the charity stripe and connected on 14 of them. And he was an efficient 13-for-19 from the field, kicking in nine boards and three dimes to boot.

Don't expect to see that kind of performance very often from the Turkish import. But with Carlos Boozer expected to be out for an extended period of time thanks to a knee injury, Okur may be asked to produce much more offensively.

Leading scorers

43 - Okur

39 - Pierce
33 - Travis Outlaw - Portland Trailblazers

Leading dime droppers

11 - Deron Williams - Utah Jazz

10 - Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls
10 - Steve Blake - Portland Trailblazers
10 - Luke Ridnour - Milwaukee Bucks

Leading rebounders

14 - David West - New Orleans Hornets

13 - Lopez
13 - Greg Oden - Portland Trailblazers

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