ESPN offers contradicting takes on Andrea Bargnani

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It has been a mixed bag for me so far in my top fantasy hoops league, a keeper auction league set up by BlogsByFans. I currently sit in third in the 12 team league, and, like everyone I'm sure, I've made some good moves and some bad ones. Spending $26 bucks on Gilbert Arenas? Ouch. But one of my savviest picks was drafting Raptors forward Andrea Bargnani, who is in the midst of a monster stretch up in Toronto.

Two ESPN fantasy writers debated Bargnani's value for the rest of the season today.

Their takes, after the jump...

From Keith Lipscomb's chat:

Tony (CA): Can you see Bargnani playing at this level for the rest of the year? Or is it time to sell high?

SportsNation Keith Lipscomb: Well, there's no question he's a good sell-high guy, because of the numbers he's been putting up. I think as long as Jermaine O'Neal is on the team, Bargnani's rebound total will take a little hit. I would see what others are willing to offer for Bargnani, but if no one's overpaying for him, I'm completely fine with hanging onto him and enjoying solid production the rest of the way. He seems like the kind of player who just needs to know he's got a job and will receive big minutes night in, night out.

From Eric Karabell
, who list AB as a player you can trust:

2. Andrea Bargnani, C, Raptors: He's having a monster January, a Nowitzki-like big man who hits 3-pointers and will score in the 20s consistently. He stunk in December, but I stuck with him. Glad I did. I'm still buying.

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