The best and worst of Week 16

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The Best


Peyton Manning - Colts
364 yards, 3 TD

Matt Cassel - Patriots
345 yards, 3 TD

Running backs

DeAngelo Williams - Panthers
108 yards, 4 TD

Brandon Jacobs - Giants
87 yards, 3 TD

Wide receivers

Visanthe Shiancoe - Vikings
126 yards, 2 TD

Antonio Bryant - Buccaneers
127 yards, TD

The Worst

Brett Favre - Jets
187 yards, 2 INT

Olsen: Sorry Ricky, but I've got to add a few on here just to satisfy my own frustrations.

Adrian Peterson - Vikings
22 carries, 76 yds, 2 Fumbles - One lost

Really A.P.? In the biggest game of not only fantasy football's season, but your own season, you lay an egg the size of the Metrodome. Seriously, I blame you for my Super Bowl loss yesterday. This was a pathetic effort, considering your quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, also ran for 76 yds on only eight carries.

Roddy White - Falcons
3 catches, 24 yds

In the words of Sir Charles Barkely, that's turrrible.

Calvin Johnson - Lions
4 catches, 64 yds

Once they called back that beautiful touchdown reception because of an illegal formation penalty, I knew it was over. Megatron has served us well this season, but came up way short when it mattered to us most.

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How about RB Derrick Ward - Giants 215 yards on 15 carries.

Ricky responds: The Giants running game was just unreal last night. Who needs Plaxico?

Ahhh the "big three" of Slaton, Pierre and Westy net me 40 total points.

While once again, the Bears D screws me as a fan and a FF player. My opponent was losing by 39 and racked up a victory behind Rogers and Jennings.

Great way to end the year....lose by 6 with the Packers dealing the death blow.

Ricky responds: Well I'm glad I could at least be of some help then. God, I hate the Packers.

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