The best and worst of Week 15

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The Best


Phillip Rivers - Chargers
346 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

For as big of a disappointment as San Diego has been this season, Rivers has established himself as one of the best signal callers in the conference. He has a QB rating over 100, has already set a career high for touchdown passes (26), and is completing over 63 percent of his passes.

Matt Cassel - Patriots
218 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT

Cassel has been a revelation for New England all season, but he was never more impressive than yesterday. Dealing with the death of his father, Cassel set a new career high for touchdown passes in one game.

Running backs

Adrian Peterson - Vikings
164 yards

I think it's unanimous: Peterson will atop every draft board in 2009.

Michael Turner - Falcons
152 yards, 1 TD

Raise your hand if you thought Turner would out gain former teammate LaDainian Tomlinson by nearly 400 this season. That's what we thought.

Wide receivers

Andre Johnson - Texans
207 yards, 1 TD

Johnson had more yards in the first half yesterday than all but one player finished with in an entire game. Johnson has established himself this season as football's best receiver.

Steve Smith - Panthers
165 yards, 1 TD

Though he hasn't been in the end zone as much as fantasy owners would like, Smith still ranks fifth in the NFL in receiving yards. Don't forget he missed the first two games of the season, either.

The Worst

RB LaDainian Tomlinson - Chargers
39 yards, 1 TD

After seeing the downfall of Tomlinson and Shaun Alexander, maybe it's never wise to invest a high fantasy draft pick in a running back approaching 30.

QB Joe Flacco - Ravens

As a rookie starter, Flacco has been fantastic all season, it just didn't add up for him yesterday against arguably the league's toughest defense in Pittsburgh.

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