The Best and worst of Week 14

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The Best


Matt Schaub - Texans
414 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Who knew? Schaub comes back after missing four games due to injury and absolutely torches the Packers secondary. What's even scarier is that his day could have been even better if not for Owen Daniels costly fumble in the end zone. Next week he gets the Titans and the Texans should immediately return to being the team that can't get out of its own way.

Peyton Manning- Colts
277 yards, 3 TD

Now that is the Peyton Manning we've been waiting for.

He took advantage of a great matchup and decimated the inferior Bengals. But how does Reggie Wayne not find the end zone in this affair? He finished with a pedestrian 48 yds as Manning hooked up with Anthony Gonzalez, Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark. Manning, take a hike.

Running backs

Brian Westbrook - Eagles
203 total yards, 2 TD

This is what's most frustrating about fantasy football. They didn't even know if Westbrook would suit up, let alone find any kind of success against the Giants defense. Some of you even debated whether or not to start him in the comments section last week. I really hoped you did, otherwise enjoy the off-season.

Chris Johnson - Titans
136 yards, TD

Could we just avoid wasting any more time and declare this the best rookie running back draft class ever? Or at least the past twenty years? Johnson can get to the edge faster than any player in the league right now and once he squares his shoulders and turns up field, you can forget about it.

Wide receivers

Brandon Marshall - Broncos
11 recs, 91 yards, 2 TD

Well, it's about time Brandon. How is it that you fail to do this every week?

Kevin Walter - Texans
6 recs, 146 yards, 1 TD

I really blew it advising most of you not to play Walter, but come on. Did you really see this one coming?

The Bad

Tony Romo - Cowboys
210 yards, TD, 3 INT

Got straight up owned by the Pittsburgh defense. That touchdown was pretty incredible, but then again, could just have easily of been an interception.

Larry Johnson - Chiefs
36 yards

'This guy oozes class.'

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Oy! I sat Kevin Walter (and Steve Breaston) over Jerricho Cotchery, Lance Moore and Amani Toomer. It wasn't your advice that made me sit Walter, he was ranked lower this week than most of my WRs. But I still won this week thanks to Chris Johnson, the Ravens DST, and my decision to start Thigpen over Romo. :)

Olsen responds: Nicely done Shirley, congratulations on the first round win.

Well, I'm toast. Now I can quit agonizing. I couldn't overcome losing Marion Barber and Portis. Of course, I'd still be alive if I had the guts to start Choice. Against the Steelers?!? Who knew? I started Cassel over Schaub too. Aaaargh! And I pulled Anthony Gonzalez after he didn't practice and took a flyer on Dallas Clark. (I agree, what's with P Manning?). That's Fantasy for you.

Wait until next year! Good luck to all who survive.


In your answer to my question in week 14 start/sit you asked me to let you know how it went.

It went great, even though L. Moore hit another speedbump and K. Walter blew up, MJD and L. White came through and helped me get a convincing W and a semifinal game :)

Looking forward to seeing that start/sit list.

Lots of decisions to make this week.

Olsen responds: Congrats on the win, the start or sit list will be out tomorrow before noon.

I know you guys posted this before MNF, but I have to add to the list of receivers because this was unreal and he is on my team.

Two words: Antonio Bryant

Guy was a monster!

Olsen responds: You're absolutely right, Bryant killed it on MNF.

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