The story of my fantasy team

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Since Matt asked for your stories from fantasy football this season, I thought I'd share mine as well. I'm a little worried though - my season isn't over yet, I'm in the championship game this week, so I don't want to jinx anything. But my trip there has been pretty wild, and I've never believed in jinxing anyway (as far as I see it, you can believe in jinxing or VORP. Can't have it both ways.). Here goes...

My story begins at the draft, where, with my first pick, number five overall, The Never Nudes selected quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.


I don't even really like Brady all that much - and like any good blogger, anything that hurts the Patriots is alright in my book - but as soon as he went down, I figured my season went down with him. Even watching this video now still stings (though the Mortal Kombat sound effects are quick to ease my pain).

I persevered, however, leading the league in points most of the season, yet catching everyone else's best week in the process. Michael Turner, Andre Johnson (as you may have heard, both were fairly spectacular last season), and Brandon Jacobs were as formidable as any top three in my league, but, without Brady, it didn't look like it would be enough to get me into the playoffs.

Things looked bleak in Week 13 when I trailed my buddy Beau 74.06 to 63.56 going into the Monday night game - with Beau sending out Owen Daniels, and my season resting with Andre Johnson. Johnson outscored Daniels 13.5 to 2.5, good enough to give me 77.06 to 76.56 victory. That put me in a 'win or Dye trying' situation the next weekend against my friend Mike, with the winner going to the playoffs.

Even though I made a classic roster blunder - forgetting to sub out Darren McFadden before the Thursday night game - I was still able to squeak out a four point win.

The Never Nudes were headed to the playoffs, which would have been good enough for me. I probably never should have been there in the first place, and figured to be overmatched in my first round game without Jacobs. I inserted Justin Fargas in my lineup on a whim, but I doubted I would have enough to get to the title.

I was wrong.

All my dudes did last week was break the single-season record for most points with 143. Three guys on my team scored over 24 points (Johnson, Turner and Matt Cassel), and the Jets D even gave me 17. It was arguably the most glorious moment of my fantasy sports career. Somehow, I had hoped I made Olsen proud.

The title game begins on Sunday, and I'm liking my chances. I've got Cassel going against the Cards - a team Tarvaris Jackson (!) tossed four touchdowns against last week, AJ80 against the listless Raiders, and it looks like Jacobs is going to tough it out against the Panthers.

I am all sorts of jacked up for this game. I'll keep you updated.

Questions, questions, questions. Send me in. Matt is much, much smarter than I so I'll let him handle the bulk of them (unless you want some help, brah), but I'm willing to throw my two cents in as well.

For anyone out there playing for a championship this week, good luck out there.

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