Roto Arcade offers a super duper early 2009 first round mock

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From Behrens...

1) Adrian Peterson, 2) Maurice Jones-Drew, 3) Michael Turner, 4) DeAngelo Williams, 5) Brian Westbrook, 6) Frank Gore, 7) Matt Forte, 8) Drew Brees, 9) Marion Barber, 10) Chris Johnson, 11) Steve Slaton, 12) LaDainian Tomlinson.

A few quick thoughts:

a) Peterson is fo sho' #1, and no one else is even close.

b) I would still have LDT higher than 12.

c) MJD is a beast, but two is a tad high. Still, he had 14 total touchdowns this year behind a banged up line, so I think he's a top five selection next year. Expect him to get more touches as Fred Taylor continues to age.

d) Four is too high for DeAngelo too, just because of the presence of Jonathon Stewart. I'm sure the Panthers aren't going to let their 2008 first round pick just sit on the bench all year. That has to hurt Williams' numbers. Plus Stewart is the bigger dude, so John Fox could ticket him for the goal line touches next year.

e) Rashan Salamn and Anthony Thomas be damned....I think this Forte kid is the real deal. Top five pick in 09, for sure.

f) Brees ahead of Brady? Yeah, ok.

g) I've been given Full Court Press this week, so check that out.

h) Happy Holidays, kids.

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