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My name is Matthew Olsen and I am addicted to fantasy football.

Sorry, just had to get that off of my chest.

Of the eight or so leagues that I am apart of each season, just like most of you there is one in particular that I pay the most attention to. Taking the crown in any of the others is still cause for celebration, but, the premier league is cause for something much greater.

Heading into the Sunday night game, I led my semifinal opponent by a mere nine points thanks primarily to Adrian Peterson. But he had Eli Manning ready to go against the Cowboys in what everyone expected to be a shootout, while I was left helpless because my lineup was done.

I spent the next four quarters talking to myself, the t.v., the wall, my dog or anyone or anything else that I could unleash my neurotic ramblings upon.

But I emerged victorious as Manning was beaten to a pulp by Demarcus Ware and the 'Boys down in 'Big D', scoring a measly 3.8 points.

Life is good and I'm ON MY WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL!

Nothing entertains me more than hearing about bad beats or improbable wins so if you've got any stories to share from this past weekend, LET'S HEAR THEM IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

Why am I using so many exclamation points?!?

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I built my team around Marion Barber, Portis and Marshawn Lynch. I was in the top three in points all year but had the 7th seed in the playoffs. Familiar complaint to many fantasy players. In the first playoff game, Barber out, Portis hurt, Lynch in a bad matchup the WR's a mess. Heard Anthony Gonzalez got hurt and took him out. QB: Cassel or Schaub returning from injury? I picked Cassel. Picked up Choice but do I start him against Pitt? No.

I watched in agony as my team struggled, but took hope when my opponent struggled as well. In the end I let Portis play in desperation, remembering the game I sat him when he was questionble and all he did was go for 150. Lost by a couple points.

Had I started Schaub or Gonzalez or Choice I would have won. But then Lynch could have had the courtesy to score a TD. I stopped beating myself up.

In the consolation on week 15, I crushed my opponent and would have won handily in the winner bracket as well. I can hear the world's smallest violin playing softly.

What's my story? I'm in the finals and need RB help!!

Start 3 of 4:

Slaton @ Oakland
Lynch @ Denver
Pierre @ Detroit
Westy @ Washington

I'm considering benching Westy....he almost cost me 2 semi games last week.

Olsen responds: Sorry I didn't get to this earlier Matt, but I'll have an answer for you sometime today.

Had the last pick in a snake draft, ended up with Marion, Moss, Brees, Colston, Forte, DeAngelo, Cooley, Bears D and others. Went 8-5, but gave away 3 games with bad lineup decisions. Last weeks game came down to Monday night, where I was up 3 points and had Desean Jackson going. My opponent had Westbrook, I was on the edge of my seat all night. I won by two points, and am playing in the chapionship this week. My opponent had the 1st overall pick in the draft, but has some tough matchups. Projected score 143-104 in my favor. Win and I repeat as Champion.

Olsen responds: Wow, having Jackson against Westbrook and coming out ahead is unthinkable. NIcely done my friend.

Congrats on the win and good luck this weekend.

I had the most total points in a league of 12 teams and missed the six team playoff. Talk about horrible luck!

Here is my bad beat story from last week. I have Ryan Longwell, the Vikings Kicker going in a tight matchup. My opponent has the AZ Cardinals DST as his tiebreaker player. Longwell's 34 yard field goal attempt is blocked and returned for a TD by Arizona. I lost by 3 (and would have had the tie-breaker had it not been for the returned TD). Add that to the many reasons I hate the Vikings!

Olsen responds: Wow, that is brutal. Hopefully there weren't any little kids around when that mess went down.


Hey everyone. I got very lucky this last week. My opponent had Portis, Westbrook, and Thomas Jones. He smoked me on Thanksgiving when Westbrook snapped for 40 something points. Revenge tastes oh so sweet. I am 10-5. I should have won a few other weeks due to my lineup but at best could have been 12-3. A few weeks I just didnt have it. My team consists of:
Rivers, Roethlisberger
Slaton, M. Jones-Drew, Sammy Morris, Jonathan Stewart, Dominic Rhodes, Justin Fargas
R. Moss, V. Jackson, A. Toomer
Kevin Boss
Stephen Gostkowski
Indy D, and Minnesota D

I have been a pro on the waiver wire picking up Buckhalter in Westbrooks absence, and Rhodes in Addais. Each week I stole someones backup rewarded me with about 20-25 points.

I also want to note some players I started the season with. Laurence Maroney (my bad), Plaxico Burress(who the Fu*k shoots themself), Kellen Winslow(had what 1 good week?).

Somehow I pieced together a winning season and have a shot at fantasy glory playing for the SuperBowl!!! Here is my lineup

Slaton, MJD, Rhodes or Morris
Moss and Jackson
Indy D

Olsen responds: Nicely done Nick, good luck in the Super Bowl.

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