Waiver Wire Pickups - Week 13

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As the season progresses it becomes harder and harder to find players on the waiver wire even worth a second glance.

By this point, all the good guys are gone and the only quarterbacks floating around out there are either injured or buried on the depth chart.

But my friends, please, do not worry.

Because here are some waiver wire options that you might want to take a look at before your league counterparts can beat you to the punch.

Each and every year there are a few guys that lay around on the waiver wire for a few weeks before exploding onto the scene and becoming fantasy legends like Ryan Grant from a year ago.

It's important you keep evaluating your talent each week and don't be afraid to drop someone on your roster that has been getting by on name recognition alone.

Jerome Harrison Browns, RB - Harrison still resides below Jamal Lewis on the Browns' running back depth chart, so don't get too excited. So take this as more of a notice than a suggestion because Harrison does appear to possess enough potential to eventually become the Browns go-to-guy,

Even with the most limited of carries, Harrison has found a way to make an impact. On five carries against Denver he scooped up 48 yds (9.6 ypc), three carries against Buffalo turned into 80 yds (26.6 ypc) and a TD, and against Houston Harrison finished with seven carries for 31 yds (4.4 ypc).

Those of you in the deepest of leagues should take notice.

Maurice Morris Seahawks, RB - This season has been a complete bust for the Seahawks, primarily due to an extensive injury list that's only now starting to go down.

Morris has been working himself off of that list, making spot appearances here and there until last week when he cruised to 103 yds on 14 carries against a respectable Redskins defense.

Holmgren has a comfort zone with Mo', as does QB Matt Hasslebeck, making him the more obvious choice than free agent signee Julius Jones. If Hasslebeck can get the passing game going again, Mo' could evolve into a very dependable RB2 or flex option down the home stretch.

Domenik Hixon Giants, WR - This one is entirely dependent upon whether or not Plaxico Burress suits up this weekend against the Redskins.

With Plax out after the first series (absolutely killing many of you this weekend, myself included) against the Cardinals, Hixon stepped in and was a one man wrecking crew with over 200 yds of total offense.

He's been on our radar before, way back Week 5 against Seattle when he had a career day of 102 yds and a TD.

Keep your eyes on the headlines coming out of the Big Apple this week because if Plax is out, Hixon could be a sleeper you won't want to miss.

Carnell 'Cadillac' Williams Bucs, RB - Caddy' was on this list last week and will remain here to serve as a reminder of his value down the stretch.

Gruden wasted no time last week shaking the rust of the Caddy's wheels and gave him 16 total carries. Not a bad guy to have stashed on your bench for the remaining weeks.

Davone Bess Dolphins, WR - With Greg Camarillo officially done for the season, Bess has the opportunity to assume the 'out-of-nowhere' receiver position on this offense.

He stepped right up and hauled in five passes for 87 yds and is a great play the rest of the season because the Dolphins have a laughably easy schedule to finish up the year. At St. Louis, at Buffalo, 49ers at home and at Kansas City.

Deep ball anyone?

Jerramy Stevens Bucs, TE - A guy known more for his loudmouth antics off the field than his clutch-ability on it, Stevens has reemerged as a viable TE with the Bucs thanks in large part to QB Jeff Garcia.

The Bucs have a favorable remaining schedule and Stevens will have the opportunity to deliver.

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Should I start Darren McFadden or Derrick Ward?

Also a trade has been offered to me, Reggie Wayne for D'angelo Williams.

What do you think?

Olsen responds: You've got to start McFadden against the Chiefs. He looked like his college self last week against a porous Broncos defense and has the same thing staring him in the face this weekend.

This is when he'll justify the high pick you used to grab him.

While I'm not sure who's getting who here, I think it's nearly a decent offer depending on your situation.

I wouldn't be giving up Williams, he's just been too good this year. Wayne has only scored in double digits once in the past six weeks and is looking hobbled as the year progresses.

Williams you keep, or you trade for. Don't give him up for Reggie Wayne though.

I currently own 5 WR for the stretch run.

Roddy White
DeSean Jackson
Steve Breaston
TJ Housh
Chad Johnson

Available on the wire are:
Torry Holt
Derick Mason
Domenik Hixon
Davone Bess
Justin Gage

Would you recommend picking up any and if so, who would i drop?


Olsen responds: Well, assuming that you start three wide receivers, I think you could go either way here.

Obviously Roddy White is a must start every week, along with Housh. DeSean Jackson and Breaston are basically interchangeable, so there's your most dependable four right there.

'Ocho Cinco' hasn't cleared 60 yds receiving in a game this season and is currently limping around the Bengals clubhouse with a bum knee.

Unless he somehow found his way into your lineup for the lone 2 TD performance back in Week 9, I'd dump him simply because he's done nothing for you.

Mason is incredibly consistent but very rarely ever finds the end zone.

Gage is way too inconsistent for the stretch run and it's nearly impossible to forecast when that decent game is going to happen.

Bottom line is that you have four solid receivers that can be rotated in and out depending on the matchups in the playoffs.

You should pick up Bess because you have the luxury of being able to sit back and see how he handles his new role as Greg Camarillo's replacement. The Dolphins have by far the easiest remaining schedule and if him and Pennington develop a quick connection, you may strike gold my friend.

Good luck.

I am in the playoffs this week and have Jamaal Charles on my bench for Justin Forsett, Mohammed Massoqoui for Miles Austin, but is Jason Avant (Philadelphia) a good wavier pick-up for Mike Sims Walker?


Ricky responds: Yeah, probably. The Philadelphia Inquirer says DeSean Jackson is unlikely to play, so that should mean big minutes for Avant. JA has been really good lately too, with 276 yards in the last three games.

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